Monday, December 11, 2017

It's a blue blue Christmas

I have been teasing you a bit with my blue batiks in the last couple of posts.  The wait is over, my scrappy table topper is done for the Island Batik Ambassador challenge of Table Scraps this month. I used the  gorgeous Alpine Ice Island Batiks(which they supplied) to make this topper.

Aren't these snowflake fabrics just so darn cute!

I am almost at the end of my second year as an Ambassador for Island Batik, I have loved doing the projects each month.  I sure hope I get picked again next year!! 

Be sure to come back in January as we will be doing a blog hop for the big reveal of our projects using the Fall Market 2017 fabrics.  You won't want to miss it as these are some really fantastic fabrics!!!  

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Friday, December 8, 2017

All done

I am all done with the little 4 snowman wall hanging.  Listed it in my Etsy shop too.  I think I am going to turn into a snowman one of these days-I can't believe how many of the table runners similar to this guy I have made in the last 2 months.  Good thing I like snowmen;)

 A close up

 The back, I see I took the picture before I sewed down the sleeves. 

 And then I had some leftover parts and I thought I would make a couple even littler wall hangings.  I gave one to my mail carrier lady.  She has been so good coming up to the house to pick up my Etsy shipments and I wanted to tell her thank you for that.  She was thrilled to bits, it just made my day to put a smile on her face at the end of her day. The other one I will be gifting to a special friend next week.  

And I made progress on my December Island Batik strips all sewn together.  These blues are so pretty.  I hope to have the whole project done by the end of the weekend.  

So what have you been working on this week.  I did make more snowman runners this week too, but they are the same ones so I won't bore you with them.

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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Something a little different

I have pulled the fabrics for my December Island Batik scrappy table runner challenge. I hope to get at it later this week or early next week.  Island Batik included this coordinating Alpine Ice bundle in the box I received from them in July.  It is one of the newly released fabrics at Fall Market.

I got to thinking I wanted to have a coordinating wall hanging to go with the snowman runners.  He needs to be quilted and faces yet, but it felt really good to do something a little different for a change.  The snowman runners are still going good on Etsy so I continue to make more.  I was at JoAnns over the weekend and helped them empty out a few bolts of gray fabrics.  The favorite clerk says 'What are you doing with all the grays you keep coming in for', so someday I need to take one in for show and tell.  

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Friday, November 24, 2017

A day late

I realize I am a day late posting this, but I wanted to wish all my followers a Happy Thanksgiving!  Time just got away from me, I am sure you have all had that happen to you too.  I appreciate and am thankful for all of you that follow/visit and leave comments on my blog.

A little eating went on at our house yesterday with daughter, boyfriend and our 2 grandsons.  We all wished our son and daughter in law could have been here too.  One of the grandsons enjoyed the turkey leg.

Our daughter made this cute plate of cheese,crackers and salami.

And later on that afternoon, this young buck decided he wanted some pumpkin pie too, but all he found was my fall pumpkin decor on the front porch!   I was looking out the long skinny window right beside the front door when taking this picture.

I even had an Etsy shopper yesterday:)  Which meant all of this type of runner with the snowman with a short hat was sold out.  Luckily I was in the process of quilting up two more.  They were finished and in the shop before bedtime last night.  This time I used striped red/white fabric instead of a checkerboard.  And I also used snowflake buttons instead of stenciling the snowflakes.  Just had to be different ya know.

To fit in with all the sales online I decided to offer free shipping of all lap quilts in my Etsy shop.  So if you need a Christmas gift and don't have time to make one, you could check out my shop HERE.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Trees and stars topper

Hello I am back, the week has went so fast once again!  Yesterday I picked up leftovers from the second craft show of the season and it was better than last year, so I am happy about that.  I did have some Holiday table runners left so they will go to the last show in a couple weeks.

I do have a new topper to show you today. Its from a pattern by Suzanne's Art House called Winter Stars(not affiliated, I just liked the pattern).   As I was making it I thought I will probably not do another one as some of the pieces were small.  However, now that it is all done I really like it and will probably do more!!   I think that starching my fabrics first would have helped, I will do that next time.

And wouldn't cha know-I made more snowman runners, LOL   I know you are all shocked that I would do that :D  I bound 8 of them this past weekend, listed 3 on Etsy and sold 2 of them yesterday!!  Good thing I made extra's and I still have 2 more cut out.  

I am really liking using Jodie Robinson's ruler, I have an addition to this design I will try on another border some day.

And more skinnies too!  They are only 14" wide, so that is why I call them skinny as most of my runners are 18" wide.

Same design, different fabrics.  If I had time I would go back and count up the number of snowmen table runners I have made this year-it's a lot!!

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Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Gobble it Up 2

I am late in getting my Island Batik October Ambassador project done.  The challenge was to showcase borders and bindings.  For some reason I just kept dragging my feet on this one, not sure why.  But, I just could not settle on what I wanted to make, ideas kept popping in and nothing felt right.

And then this past weekend, I was putting away Halloween decorations and getting out Thanksgiving stuff.  What, I don't have a real Thanksgiving wall hanging for my seasonal corner in the foyer? I used to have one but it was old, and before my longarming days, and I didn't really like it so I got rid of it a few years ago.  Since then I have just used a fall leaf one.  But I needed a real Thanksgiving one.  So, I figured I should combine my need with the need to get the Island Batik project done.  Hmmm, put my thinking cap on and in the meantime I had upgraded to EQ8 and was poking around in there when I saw this cute flying geese border.  Aaaaha! I know what I need to do!!!!!!

Now that is a lot of flying geese and these are tiny-they finish at 1"x2".  Yes you might be thinking I am a little crazy to make that tiny of geese.  But seriously using Island Batik's(which they gave me to use) made this job so easy and accurate  And using my Fons and Porter flying geese ruler made it pretty quick. 

 Aren't these fabrics just perfect for the gobbler?  He is the one from my Gobble It Up pattern on Craftsy.

 Three little prairie points with buttons sewn on to hold them in place add a bit more charm to it.

A little perspective with the dime by the tiny flying geese.  And see how tiny I quilted in there!!

Couldn't resist an outdoor shot with the leaves!

 It finished at 31"x26", a great size for my wall and wooden quilt holder.

Happy November ya all!!!

Here is more Island Batik inspiration-

Monday, November 6, 2017

Star, geese and a critter

This is the first time I have made this star table topper. Love how it came out, but it sure is big at 36".  The pattern, by Far-Flung Quilts, is also for a tree skirt at 44".  It came together pretty quickly once I set my mind on what fabrics I wanted to use.  I kept the quilting simple to let the star shine through.

When it came time to bind it I found some cute stripe in just the right color in my stash.

I fell behind in getting my October project done for Island Batik, so today I dedicated all afternoon to it.  Making great progress.  Can you guess what these parts will become?  I am hoping to get at the quilting on it tomorrow after finishing up the last border, so check back soon!  The challenge is for Borders and Bindings.

As I was working on the above project, I glanced out the window into the backyard and here was this guy.  When I first saw him he was only 12 feet from the house, right in the corner by the deck.  Then he decided he needed a drink so he moved out 5 feet to the birdbath.  You can still see the deck in the bottom of the picture.

Have a great inspiring week everyone!

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Friday, November 3, 2017

Another crazy week

Sewing like a maniac again this week.  I was desperate to whip up more table runners so I could deliver to the show that opened today.  Somehow I pulled a rabbit out of a hat, or maybe I should say 15 rabbits!  Yes indeed, I managed to deliver to them this morning, 15 runners.  This was done in the last 2 weeks, now some were started before that but needed finishing. I worked my fingers to the bone and I was sick with a nasty cold this week, but I kept plugging away. 

 All of these, except my Gobble It Up runners, were started and in the cabinet waiting to be quilted.  You can find my pattern for the turkey runners in my Craftsy shop.

 It never felt so good to have so many just waiting to be finished up!

But then I had to make more snowmen ones because I had only delivered 3 to them earlier.  So I whipped up a pair of my 3 Snow Dudes from scratch.  This is one of my patterns in my Craftsy shop(link on the right side bar).

And a few more of these new little guys.  I found some red and white stripe that I thought I would try instead of making the checkerboard-it sold while I was still at the craft show this morning!

Then I came home and crashed and basically did nothing for the rest of the day!!  Tomorrow I will be back at it, prepping for the 4th and final show in 4 weeks.  The time sure does fly:)

Now you know why I have been so quiet the last few weeks.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Squirrel moment-errr I mean snowman moment!!

Do you ever get an idea and ya just can't let go?  Silly question, I know you do 😁.  Well I had one of those moments this weekend.  Enter more snowman table runners!  Yep I could just see them in my mind and I had to hurry up and get into the sewing room and get out the gray, red and whites that I knew would be perfect for them.  Cut, cut, sew, sew, draw, draw, a little more sewing, and by Sunday night I had 4 of these guys all pieced.  Two of each style were ready to jump onto the quilting frame bright and early Monday morning.

 I stenciled the snowflakes using Tsukineko ink before quilting it.  

A little custom quilting.  I also stitched the hats and noses on with my longarm.  

Here is the other version of this runner.

I think he is adorable and should be a good seller also.  There is one of each in my Etsy shop now.

I had put on one long backing and when I got done with these 4 there was enough for one more runner.  Run down to the sewing room and finish piecing a different snowman runner.  I know you have seen me do several of these but they are selling really well.  Three of them on Etsy in a week!!  The other ones all sold out at the shows so I have to make even more soon:0   This is one of my patterns you can find in my Craftsy shop.

Hope you all are having a very productive week, I am off to a good start and hope to maintain the pace.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

First craft show done, second one beginning!

So many of you commented on my post showing the pictures of the craft show I was doing last week.  I thought I would update you as it finished on Saturday night and we could pick up the leftovers then.  One never knows what to expect from the shows, in 2012 it was an awesome, spectacular show for me.  But the following years it has went down, however I am happy to report I made more than last year.  The amount of table runners that sold was wonderful, although I wish more of the wall hangings would have went.  It's a win win when you sell-good for the wallet but bad for the next show inventory!!  

Yesterday I dropped off at the next show which starts tomorrow(Thursday) and goes for 4 long weekends, meaningThursdays thru Sundays.  This show is at Kenyon Mn, if you are in the area you should check it out!  This show is also set up boutique style.  She has lots of different vendors then the last show, so that mean different types of crafts.  

In order to avoid paying a registration fee we could make a scarecrow to display in their yard.  People who come to the show can vote on the one they like best.  There is a big variety of scarecrows and yard ornaments.  My DH volunteered to make mine this year.  We didn't need anything fancy so plain and simple it was.  I painted the head after seeing an idea on Pinterest. 

I cleaned the pumpkin, added a layer of Mod Podge to the area where I was painting.  Let it dry, then paint the face and after it dries Mod Podge it again.  I have never done this before and it was a lot of fun!  And DH thought it was pretty darn cute:)

Now today I am inventorying for the 3rd show which I deliver to on Friday.  This one is in Grand Meadow, MN  and is boutique style and boy do they ever do a cute job of displaying! They have 3 big buildings and 2 smaller ones to spread out all the wonderful crafts.  Plus there is always tons of outdoor decorations to buy also.

Can you say crazy busy!!  When I got home from dropping off supply at that show yesterday, I finished wrapping, decorating and tagging 24 candy canes.  

You can hang them on a door knob, stair railing post or on the wall.

It occurred to me that I never showed you the latest batch of snowmen. Meet Mr. Good Cheer!  I made 14 of him.  They need to go to 2 shows. 

The downside of selling so many runners at the first show, and then having to divide the leftovers in half for the 2 shows that will be on at the same time, is that neither of them get a nice supply.  So that means I need to scramble to get a ton more made, and make another delivery, but it is all good as I love to make them!!  And then I had a couple more sales on Etsy, so I needed to replenish that stock so I took from the shows inventory!! 

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